Thursday, January 29, 2009

Apron Skirts!

Happy Thursday night everyone. I'm usually salsa dancing on Thursdays but I'm feeling a bit under the weather so i decided to share my apron skirts with you.

I think apron skirts are just the best thing since sliced bread!! They are defiantly the cutest. I can't get enough of them, they are the perfect balance of urban chic and vintage elegance.

Here's my polka-dot one.

This one is a little bit country!

Now I'm off to my studio!!!


  1. Great apron skirts! I love latin dancing too!

  2. wow aren't those amazing? Great post. Those fabrics are killing me!! So beautiful!

  3. Aww..these are to cute, I especially love the polka dot one!

  4. Absolutely the polka dot one also. Salsa dancing sounds like such fun. Have you met Tom Selleck...he is so handsome!

  5. I love aprons. I feel more domestic goddesly just wearing them :) These are adorable!

  6. So cute! I adore the polka dot one.